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Learn about what it takes to bring your hypnosis skills to the stage and make lots of extra cash!
Oct 24, 2016
David Sharples joined HypnoRich's group


Here is where we share our favorite and tested scripts and inductions. Although we don't all use scripts, it is great to have some ideas for others!
Oct 18, 2016
Patricia V. Scott posted a status
"MICHAEL WATSON in TARPON SPRINGS OCT. 15-16, 2016 "Empowering Change w-NLP & Hypnosis" (no pre-requisite) Details: www.UPHypnosis.com"
Sep 24, 2016
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Hypnosis Business Resources

Post your free resources, marketing and any other build-your-business resources here. This is not for advertising your personal hypnosis practice.
Aug 13, 2016
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Aug 2, 2016
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Jun 3, 2016
Fiorenzo Tassotti commented on HypnoRich's blog post How To Hypnotize A Sleeping Person
"Thank You Taylor Sherman"
May 27, 2016
Taylor Sherman commented on HypnoRich's blog post How To Hypnotize A Sleeping Person
"To my knowledge there hasn't been any research on this method. I am sure there is some research out there, however, on similar topics such as sleep learning. Here is one example: Hypnotic Suggestions for Learning during Stage I REM Sleep Dave…"
May 26, 2016
Profile IconJaki Raastad and Le' Isaac Gardner joined Hypnosis & NLP Training Community
May 26, 2016
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May 6, 2016
Fiorenzo Tassotti commented on HypnoRich's blog post How To Hypnotize A Sleeping Person
" ... if there are not official researches, can you tell me about your experience, or about the experiences of hypnotists you know about?Thank you"
May 5, 2016
Fiorenzo Tassotti commented on HypnoRich's blog post How To Hypnotize A Sleeping Person
"Hello Rich, I know this method and with me as hypnotist, has always worked.I ask: There exist some researches about this process?Has been made some quantification about number of responders versus non-responders? Thanks"
May 5, 2016
Jon Rhodes posted a video

Dealing With Depression Subliminal Messages Music

http://www.freesubliminals.com/mp3/dealing-with-depression-subliminal-music/ If you suffer from depression then this piece of subliminal music will help you....
May 4, 2016
Cheryl Munson is now a member of Hypnosis & NLP Training Community
Apr 15, 2016
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Apr 13, 2016
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Apr 11, 2016
Jon Rhodes posted a video

Think Yourself Rich Subliminal Messages Music

http://www.freesubliminals.com/mp3/think-yourself-rich-subliminal-music/ This subliminal music will fill your subconscious mind with affirmations that will g...
Apr 9, 2016
Jon Rhodes posted a video

Clear Your Mind Subliminal Messages Music

http://www.freesubliminals.com/mp3/clear-your-mind-subliminal-music/ If you struggle with constant mental chatter and nagging doubts then this is the sublimi...
Mar 30, 2016
Jon Rhodes posted a video

Fear of Success Subliminal Messages Music

http://www.freesubliminals.com/mp3/fear-of-success-subliminal-music/ This piece of subliminal music contains messages that will help you overcome your fear o...
Mar 28, 2016

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Power of the human mind 2 Replies

I saw this article and thought I'd share it as I found it quite interesting.…Continue

Started by Gareth J Spencer. Last reply by Mike stevenson Apr 2, 2014.

Ultra Height: What is your experience with this technique? 6 Replies

I'm a huge believer to become a Elite Hypnotist you must think outside the box and you must be open to learning new techniques to truly move pass just being an average Hypnotist. Many people talk about the mystical side of hypnosis or altered states…Continue

Tags: Levels of Hypnosis, Hypnosis Techniques, Gerald Kein, Ultra height, hypnosis

Started by Joshua Houghton. Last reply by Ed May 14, 2013.

What am I doing wrong?

Hey, I've just started out learning covert hypnosis and I read somewhere that this guy called Vince Lynch was good, so I Google'd him and found a video. I've also been reading a few books and I'm thinking of going to some classes soon, but I've been…Continue

Started by John Martin Mar 31, 2013.

Schizophrenia treatment 2 Replies

Hello everyone, I'm not a long time in the hypnosis profession almost 3 years and i never had a Schizophrenicclient. But this one is very personal mater to me.I wonder if someone how experienced with this case can give me a tip or two on how to…Continue

Started by Nathan haimov. Last reply by Taylor Sherman Jan 19, 2013.

Welcome to The Community: Introduce yourself Here 115 Replies

Hey Everyone,First off, thanks for joining the community and as a well for us to all get to know each other I have created this Introduction Thread. Tell us about yourself, what brought you here, how you got into Hypnosis, NLP & Personal…Continue

Tags: Hypnosis, Introduction

Started by Joshua Houghton. Last reply by Gareth J Spencer Nov 20, 2012.

Hyperactive when listening to delta 'music' Y? pls, help.

Hallo everyoneI am really confused.I have a paradox reaction to neurotransmitter drugs (sedatives, seratonin controllers, natural Gaba, melatonine does nothing for me. etc. etc.)I am a celiac sufferer, gluten, lactose, corn, potatoes, but hey I…Continue

Started by Dora Fox Sep 3, 2012.

Going through a low 3 Replies

Hi. I have been doing hypnosis as an adjuvanct to dentistry for years. I have always only needed relaxation and still used anaesthetic for doing the physical work. I am now very good at relaxing the patients ;)I now have a patient (10yrs) old who is…Continue

Started by Wentzel. Last reply by Taylor Sherman Aug 27, 2012.

Hypnosis with the eyes open 2 Replies

Hi,I just thought I would bring the subject of hypnosis without eye closure up for discussion.Hopefully all hypnotists realize that the only reason that the subject closes their eyes is because we ask them to... or that we give them the sleep…Continue

Started by John Cleesattel. Last reply by John Cleesattel Jul 18, 2012.

Trying to put a person in a state of trance ASK FOR HELP 2 Replies

Hello how are you? I ask for help from you to put a person in trance I used in link of magnets fingers to create a trust the person was in a state of relaxation I used in "Cerbone Butterfly" and "pressure on my hand" and "Deep breath and SLEEP" And…Continue

Started by Kene sam. Last reply by Nathan haimov Jul 2, 2012.

Hypnosis to perceive other realities????

I have heard that the mind recieves something like 6.8 million "bits" of sensory information at a time, and we select between 5-9 of those bits, and that is the reality we perceive. Some would say that in states of meditation, astral projection, and…Continue

Started by Tim Bell Jun 28, 2012.

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