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Hi. I have been doing hypnosis as an adjuvanct to dentistry for years. I have always only needed relaxation and still used anaesthetic for doing the physical work. I am now very good at relaxing the patients ;)
I now have a patient (10yrs) old who is thumbsucking. She REALLY wants to quit.
She is a great subject and under hypnosis she reacts 100% perfect. Somehow she is just not following the post hypnotic suggestions that I have inserted (i have merely suggested that she needed the thumbsucking at some stage,but now needs to move on and to stop the sucking. I have alsoboosted her selfimage with phrases of what she has accomplished and how much more she can do. Gave metaphores of a balance scale (using her hands) and on her own account she tipped the scale to moving on.

I have also treated my assistant (who has chronic hip pain and doctors can't help- no physical reason for the pain according to them)
I have done almost 15 sessions! She is very helpful and a great subject. Still experiencing pain

In short. I just don't seem to develop further than just relaxing the patients!

I have done various courses
Igor Ledochowski
Nathan Thomas

Please help with some advice or resources

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15 sessions is what I would call excessive.

If I did 15 sessions with someone I would be out of my business. But if you are a dentist it may be easier to bill for it.

Condition for the responses you want. Test for other post-hypnotic suggestions! In other words make sure you are getting the effects first with easier things.

If that isn't working then you need to do a deeper work. However my first tendency would be to refine the direct suggestion.

Pain control work, once again, needs somnambulism and a testing for that effect.

Hypnosis is NOT relaxation, so if you are trying to "Relax them into hypnosis" you are using an outdated model of techniques.

Hi Taylor

Thank you for replying - Hypnosis is not my business, but my passion - therefore spending time / sessions would not be a problem for me.  ;)

When you say "Condition for the responses you want" - Could you elaborate please - I think my mindset might be a little bit outdated as per your suggestion in the last paragraph - but I am very willing to learn.

Also - WHen you talk about "refine the direct suggestion" - could you also help with this?




Refine the direct suggestions means to look at what you are doing in terms of your direct suggestion hypnosis, and if necessary, to refine it. In other words make sure you have step 1 before you go to step 2.

What I mean is that you must first test to make sure you have hypnosis, period. Verify and test for somnambulism. If you're not quite sure how to do that, I recommend to take a full in-person certification course.

You want to work from suggestions that are easy to accomplish, to ones that are more difficult. In other words when an airplane was first designed, it was thought that we needed to create a big enough motor in order to lift it up into the air. The Wright Brothers made instead a glider, something that used the power of the air to lift it up, instead of a motor.

If you're far enough along that you need a motor to push you up more, the basic dynamics of your aircraft are in question!

Make it light enough to fly on it's own. That means to do your SET UP properly.

If I had to guess, I'd say your pre-talk/setup or the method of hypnosis you are using is not great. Troubleshoot there.  When you are saying she is a great subject, that's wonderful but make sure that you know this by having her demonstrate an effect.

Then once she demonstrates that effect, your idea now is to move closer and closer to the actual act of hypnotic pain relief, verifying the suggestions are being followed at every step.

For example, first get a deep analgesia on the hand, verified by a pinch. Once you get that, transfer it to a glove anesthesia to some innocuous part of her body. And so on, until you  get the effect you want.


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