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After listening to a file over and over and being put under a handful of times by a very experienced and competent tist, I have been having bad side effects.  Have you ever seen this happen or have any advice?


Basically, while I am sleeping, I tend to enter a state that is different than my normal sleeping state.  It sort of feels like my body and my person are like an inch a part from each other.  Like my body is a sandwhich in which the bread has slid just a bit past the rest of the sandwhich.  I just feel slightly "off."  And, it also seems like I am trying to go down deeper than I possibly can achieve.  Trying to go so deep during sleep, is causing me to not be able to sleep right at all.  (i am not trying to go deep during sleep and have had no triggers asking me too).  It just happens.


Also, I tend to fall in to hypnosis on my own, whether light or deeper, without any intention (when I am alone for instance).



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Hey Mark,


Remember that the unconscious mind is the part of your mind that is responsible for your emotions, your feelings, your dreams, and it is the part of you that is symbolic. It seems like your unconscious mind is trying to tell you something.

If you are going into hypnosis without the intention to be hypnotized and/or a formal process, it might not be the best thing for you. It seems more of a utility to have trance as a state that you can enter into, at will, whenever you want to, and spend the rest of your life "awake."


Trance is fun no doubt, but you should have control over it.



Just as mechanisms to enter trance states easily and spontaneously can be set up, you can create one to keep you at a state of awareness when needed or desired. Think about how you might measure or calibrate your "depth" of trance (although that is just a construct for our human brains) and decide what level feels comfortable for you.

Practice achieving that level and then adjusting it. You can anchor particular levels for sleep, study, eating, etc. You will soon gain control and be able to exist in a way that is perfect, for you.

If you need help, go see that hypnotist!


Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear about these new problems that you are having now. Did you talk to your hypnotist about it? As long as you learned how to get hypnotized, he/she can help you to learn how to be in control of it. Nobody can control your body and mind but you.


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