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Ultra Height: What is your experience with this technique?

I'm a huge believer to become a Elite Hypnotist you must think outside the box and you must be open to learning new techniques to truly move pass just being an average Hypnotist. Many people talk about the mystical side of hypnosis or altered states of consciouness.

Within the last few years their has been a huge buzz on a level of hypnosis, depth, stage whatever you want to call it called Ultra Height which was discovered/created by Gerald Kein who is a great Hypnotist and Trainer in his own right.

Now many people claim Ultra Height has mystical properties to it. Some people claim its unlike anything else and many swear that this "stage" of hypnosis has healed them in ways that just aren't possible.

I know many hypnotists who feel this is nothing more than normal hypnosis combined with certain suggestions to give the illusion. Now, on other hands I have heard from other hypnotists who tell me amazing changes such as being blind in one eye and after one session their eye site is normal again, being able to hear when deaf in a ear, fears being removed and some people hearing mystical voices talking to them. Have I experienced any of this? Well I had a unique experience, but nothing that I would classified as supernatural.

I must admit it was a much different "feeling" than normal hypnosis. I decided since I have used it once or twice in sessions so I thought I would experience it and I have nothing bad to say about it. So my question to all of you is what do you think about Ultra Height? What is your take on this interesting level of hypnosis or whatever you like to classify it as. Have you experienced it and if so what were your results? Is it nothing more than hypnosis combined with suggestions to create the effects?

As this is a copyrighted technique please do not expose the entire process. I just want to hear what everyone thinks about this unique state. If you want to post your story, but keep who you are a secret than e-mail me and I'll set it up so you can post without anyone knowing who you are. The reason I say this is because many people have claimed their experience with Ultra-Height is very, very personal.

So please post what you think about this technique.

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I havent had any experience but am very curious. How could I find out more bout the technique?
Is this the same as ultra depth? As in the next state deeper than coma state?

Ultra Depth is a technology promoted by James Ramey. Ultra Height was developed by Gerald Kein -- and it takes them higher and higher to their higher self.

All of these states, of course, are simply presuppositions that we put at the beginning of the trance session and through the session. We then guide the person through it with different contexts and words and symbols.

What I suggest is to use these techniques, try them out and find how they work, treat them like a new script or visualization... and then once you've gotten the feel of it, create your own stuff. That's where the true power is.
I learned this technique from Jerry Kein and use it often. It's a wonderful way for the client to discover their own solution to the problem they've come to see you about. Whether it's smoking, over eating, fear of anything, this is a powerful technique. Of course I agree with Taylor Sherman (above) that it's a suggested state... and a great one for allowing the client to use their wise-mind to solve their own problems.

I suggest you learn it and use it. Very exciting. George Guarino, CH www.twitter.com/georgeguarino
Each time I have used this technique I seem to find the clients are experiencing things better which means, I am getting better at the technique. Of course, my preference is the Gerald Kein technique...he is easier to learn from and explains things clearer ...just MY opinion. Ultra-Height has given some of my clients a great NEW way of looking at things and some have come away with whole new outlook at their lives. My suggestion is this...watch it in action, learn it well and use it often and you will be excited with the results. I know I am! If you check my blogs ...you will find a transcription of the Ultra-Height Technique!

Yes, thanks I have that book marked. ONLY due to the fact I'm Catholic, and I don't do Past Live Regressions HOWEVER I do Age Regression, and I LOVE IT. To me it's the most Life Changing of Session, AS WELL as "Ultra Height" AND Ramey's "Ultra Depth" which I got the Full Training for. With Ultra Height, I only got the BASIC $30.00, that is a Hour and Thirty - Six Minutes, so I can get the Method and RIGHT Script. Your Script which I DO indeed LIKE a lot, is different from the Patter Script I was sent by him. There was no pirate's chest ... etc. I'm thinking based off him you came up with your own ... WHICH IS GREAT, and which we ALL should do. I have taken his complete course, as well as in 9-7-07 through H.M.I. (Hypnosis Motivational Institute) I took there Free 14 hour Course, plus a Home Course Through Keith Livingston at Hypnosis101. I got like 10 different DVD'S thus far. Though ONLY 90% of the time it's "Newbies" that are into Inductions and ask about them. NOT TRUE. Let's get this out of the way first I DO know in Age Regression that very rarely people will go back to "Another Life". I think just as with Age Regression you take notes, ask questions (NEVER "leading" ones of course), and so on. However to me a Past Life Regression is the mind's way of telling a story, just that a STORY, HOWEVER a very important one, one that needs to be analyzed to find the meaning to it. Yes the whole "Spirit Guides", "Astral Travel", "Automatic Writing" LITERALLY scares the HELL out of me. You see being a Spiritual Person, I HAVE STUDIED THAT STUFF. If you do not know precisely what you are doing, you are OPENING YOURSELF UP FOR DEMONIC ACTIVITY AND (OR) AT THE WORST EVEN DEMONIC POSSESSION, WHICH YES IS REAL. I DO believe STRONGLY in Guardian Angels, and from Birth one was assigned to each of us till we get to Heaven. They all like you and me have names too. I know a few people through prayer & meditation have learned the name of their Angel. While as I said I don't believe is outside forces "Writing For Us" just like how the Pendulum (I Love It) works from our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, I do believe in getting someone into the Somnambulistic State, and giving then a pen and paper, and then asking the MIND to write things of great importance or things the client NEEDS to know.   I ALSO got his 5 DVD Metaphysical Course I ONLY got it to learn other techniques as far as Hypnosis Only though like I said I did his complete 18 DVD Course. 

Oh yes Hypnotic Induction. Obviously a GREAT PRE - TALK, and Expectancy are VERY IMPORTANT to Great Inductions. I got the Don Mottin 25 Inductions Set. It has a book with them all (It's that "Free" book you see floating around). It has 3 DVD'S including his famous "Puppet Induction" (which to me is effing brilliant) and it has a C.D. The C.D. has 10 tracks. The books says what track to put on for each Induction. It also Tests to see what "Submoldality"  you are most out of Auditory / Visual / Kin-esthetic, so A / V / K.  I'm mostly in this order or actually a tie, V/K. Yes I'm one of the 20% that are Visual. I'd say, besides (My Very Own Induction, which is roughly 8 minutes so average in length), and the Dave Elman Induction, I've ALWAYS, always loved the Ericksonian Arm Rising Induction. Why? Well the VERY FIRST TIME I was put into Hypnosis it was through youtube and by Richard Nongard. It's the 8 minute video where he's standing in fron of a big dry erase board. It has a dot which he has to stare at (Eye Fixation). Your eyes clothes he does I think a Body Scan (It's like a PMR but ONLY 2-3 minutes at most) and then the Arm Rising. I remember being like Holy Sh!t this is actually working and I'm not doing it. Boy it left a impression on me. So in my Induction which I can post from youtube here as you'll like it I think 80% into the Induction I use the Arm Levitation as all 3 things a Tester, Convincer, and a Deepener and WOW it works well. Lots will start by putting the arm a couple inches in the air. NOT ME. I start with it on their lap, them noticing what's beneath their right hand, and a sensation of lightness coming into it ... etc. I also wrote as a Separate Induction all together The Arm Rise, with Confusional Language put into it.

Being into Stage Hypnosis, and doing "Entertainment Hypnosis", myself I like learning and watching Stage Show Inductions. I bought the 3 DVD package from Richard Nongard, The Michael Johns Stage Show Induction, The Terry Stokes Stage Show Induction, and Stage Hypnosis Exposed by Richard Nongard AND Michael Johns. Because I did have money for Geoffrey Ronnings EKG DVD, I got his book "Stage Hypnosis", which is a very fine book. The EKG stands for (Elman - Erickson / Kein / Geoffrey) as I'm sure you ALL KNOW or should. It's Basically the Dave Elman Induction Modified for the Stage. To me PERSONALLY I'm not sure if it's ENOUGH. Yes I might like a little longer more involved induction, but like they say Better Safe Than Sorry, I'm like that with Inductions. See right after my own Induction (which works 8 out of 10 times, and by that, they are in SOMNAMBULISM which YES even for Stage is important). Anyway I give them Amnesia for the #2. So it's "The 11 Finger Routine" though I use it as a test. I then do good smell / bad smell, based on whatever color I name. I do shoe for phones routine, and I do my ALL TIME FAVORITE "The Invisible Hypnotist", then they see a puppy in their lap only 2 weeks old, I then become their favorite celebrity (Illusion) which they go nuts wanting my autograph, AND pictures ... lol. I have TONS of respect and NEVER have them bark, or hump a chair all that BULLSH!T. Safety too is a #1 concern, and I obviously have had abreaction training. The chair I use that is comfortable ALSO has ARMS. That should be a MUST. Out of the Stokes, and Johns Inductions and PHILOSOPHIES, I'm more with Michael Johns. Also I know the Chuck Mulligan Induction, that is floating around for free on the internet too.

Wow this turned out long ... oh well you learned more about me and my way. Enjoy my Induction.


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