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Hey Everyone,

First off, thanks for joining the community and as a well for us to all get to know each other I have created this Introduction Thread. Tell us about yourself, what brought you here, how you got into Hypnosis, NLP & Personal Development.

My Introduction:

I'm a 26 year old Certified Hypnotist based out of Columbus, Georgia and I'm also the co-founder of this Community along with Taylor Sherman. I got involved with Hypnosis after losing my love for my previous career which was Real Estate Investing. I have always enjoyed Hypnosis, magic and mentalism and the study of the mind since I was young.

After tons of soul searching I decided to go with my youthful passion and I'm here today. There is more in between, but as you get to know me you'll learn more. I have been heavy into Hypnosis since the age of 18 and have made it my mission to spread the truth about Hypnosis to everyone I can. I love helping people and training people to become the best Hypnotists they can be. This is one of the reasons we started this community.

So who's next?

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Hey im Carl.

I've alwyas been intrested in hypnosis since a young age but only really got started about 6 months ago when i got my hands on one of the conversational hypnosis sets by Igor Ledochowski.

I've then been practicing hypnosis, nlp along with a bit of magic and metalism since, which i find great fun.

I found this site through the IATH forums, and i am very impressed with what ive seen so far.
Looks like this can grow to become a great communty.


Hey Carl,

Great to have you here and I think your going end being a great member of this community. Igor is great and his course is one of the best I have seen on Conversational Hypnosis. Either Way Welcome!
Ooh! ohh! Me next! me next!

Hello everyone I am Jon Rhodes and I have been a clincal hypnotherapist for about 6 years. I have always been interested in Psychology disciplines, and spent 5 years working in the mental health field. As a younger person, I was inspired by Paul McKenna's stage hypnosis shows, although I myself only do clinical work.

I ran a pretty successful practice in the UK, and had a very good reputation for my work with smokers and phobics in particular.

I now spend quite a significant amount of time in the online world of hypnotherapy, and run several sites and blogs.

I love helping people to enhance their lives by whatevers means necessary. Talking is such an underestimated therapeutic tool, and everyone has these skills. You can help spread seeds of joy in your every day life.

I also love the concept of being able to enhance people's lives from a distance, in both time and space. I love the fact that I can make a therapeutic recording now, and in 10 years time, people are still benefitting from it all over the world. I liken this to building a well. Once built, people can use it for years to come. You are effectively helping enhance people's lives AFTER you have made a creation.

The internet has its problems, but it also offers so much. This is such an exciting era for spreading ideas, and offering friendship and advice to people that you would never have otherwise met. Sites like this help bring even more people together, to share more ideas, and help even more people - so its all good!

I am a keen musician (I was pro until about 3 months ago), love going to the gym (but have to be satisfied with doing pressups at home at the minute), and love dining out (theres no shortage of opportunities for this!)

The reason I am no longer a proffesional musician, go the the gym, but eat out a lot more, is because I moved from the UK to Morocco about 3 months ago to get away from the bills and constant demands of the UK. So far it is working. Food is cheap, bills are cheap, I no longer run a car, and I live near the beach. Even at this time of the year the weather is hot in the afternoon - which is a huge novelty to me coming from England!

Anyway, a big hello to everyone out there, and I look forward to sharing ideas and being a small part of a big community of like minded people.

Jon Rhodes
Hey Jon,

I really enjoyed the videos you posted. Its nice to have you here as I know many of the people here can benefit form your knowledge and experience. Thank you for being part of the community.
Before i introduce myself just want to say this is a awesome site, and i hope it expands more and more.

My Name is Amit Badiani in the magic business i am known as MagicAmit. I am a proffesional magician and entertainer. From a very young age I have always had a vision in mind to help people, make people smile and bring happiness in people, being a professional magician I have
achieved that, but I wanted more?, I have always had a fascination in hypnosis and I knew this is what I wanted to do. And i followed my dream the two things which i always wanted to do is what am doing now:)
Hey Admit,

It has been a pleasure to have you here on this site. I look forward to reading some of your post in the future and feel free to start a hypnosis/magic group as I know a few of the people here are really into magic and hypnosis.
Hey Carl, Jon, and Amit --- welcome to the site!! :)

Hey I'm Jarryd, I'm 15 years old and also found out about this site through the I.A.T.H

My story starts like this. I was at my friends house, and we were talking about magic and superpowers and mind control (comes from watching Heroes), and we had a Youtube frenzy, watching different videos and talking about how it "Must" be done.

Then, coincidentally, as soon as i went home, my Mum told me that there was a hypnosis show on at my sisters school, and asked me if i wanted to go and see it. I obviously said yes, watched the first half of the show, then went up on stage and was hypnotized for the second half.

The hypnotist told me that it had nothing to do with magic and that anyone cold learn to do it, and so I was hooked. i tried it out at rowing camp by repeating what he did to me, but as i hadn't researched it at all, i failed miserably. I then spent around 6 months sifting through all of the junk about hypnosis on the internet, and I somehow managed to find every fake or rubbish site possible, without finding any of the good ones, and as i had no money, i couldn't buy any of the courses anyway.

Then my cousins husband (cousin in law?) told me about Derren Brown, and lent me his book "Tricks of the mind", so I read the book and youtube'd him. through a video of his hypnosis punch, i found Matt McCormick's page, and through his page, Nathan Thomas's page. and Nathans page led me to the IATH.

Since then i have had 3 successful (long winded inductions), and 2 successful instant inductions, as well as stick a guys foot too the ground without an induction when he tried to pick fight with me.

And I'm excited to get better.

Thanks for making this site, it looks very promising!

Hello everyone,

Matt Davis here. I've been studying hypnosis and NLP for about 7 years. I got really serious about 3 years ago and started getting certifications (NGH etc.) and taking trainings. My main focus has always been hypnosis but now I am starting to focus a little more heavily on my NLP education in addition to traditional hypnosis. I have been (and still am) a radio and TV broadcaster by profession since I was 18. I am a stage hypnotist and I also do some clinical work.

- Matt Davis
Hey Matt and Jarryd,

Welcome to the site!

Glad to have you guys, since I'm familiar with both of you, and I know your posts.

We're building a top of the line NLP and Hypnosis community here, so if you have any questions, make sure to post them in the forums, and do your best to stump us :)

Take care,

Hello - Dennis Mendleson from Cincinnati, Ohio - I am an independently licensed mental health counselor and have been practicing hypnosis for the past 10 years - I found that using hypnosis helped people work through some difficult 'blocks' much more quickly than traditional therapeutic interventions -

I have also found hypnosis and meditation useful for spiritual awareness and insights - very cool things

It's great to have you hear Dennis and I'm sure your background as a licensed mental health counselor will be useful in helping others here on this site. I myself look forward to hearing some of your discussions and views on hypnosis. Glad to have you hear and make yourself at home.


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