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Brief Cancer Script

Repeat this script to your subject over and over again - (Law of Compounding works!)

You have the power to make changes within your body. You are the master of your body. The power to heal is already available to you.

In a relaxed state it is easier to learn how to use this power. Your immune system is capable of eliminating the cancer in your body. You know the body knows how to heal cuts, bruises, scrapes, broken bones and infections. Ben Franklin said, "God heals, physicians collect the fees." Now is the time to tell your body to heal.

Now relax, and go even deeper as your unconscious mind starts to make the changes needed to rid the body of cancer. A sense of calmness is spreading throughout your body. Continue to feel the calmness and tranquility as the healing process increases. Feel the

sense of well being now spreading through the body.

See yourself free of cancer. Hear your friends and family telling you how happy they are now that you are getting better.

You will not get rid of the cancer all at once. You will get rid of some today, more tomorrow, more the next day and so on until you are cancer free.

Feel good about yourself. The better your attitude toward yourself, the better you will be. Have confidence in your ability to defeat the cancer. You are now developing a happier attitude, creating greater self-confidence and self- esteem.

Imagine yourself cancer free. See yourself cancer free. Your immune system has eliminated the cancer. Feel good.

All the suggestions I have given you are now implanted in your unconscious and will remain with you as long as they are useful to you. These suggestions are getting stronger and stronger with every breath you take, with every beat of your heart and are becoming your new habits for life.


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There's more to getting through cancer than just eliminating bad cells. The emotional components, the relationship management with family and friends, managing the fear of your own death and all the implications that holds for your spouse and children, and just the mental fortitude to make it through those radiation and chemo treatments... I respect and treasure our doctors and medical science, but they do little to manage these other aspects of cancer.

That's where hypnosis can be truly helpful to the cancer patient. Immune system aside, it has also been scientifically proven that patients that have a positive mental outlook, manage their stress well and that continuously make the choice to live (rather than give up) have a much higher survival rate.

It has also been proven that hypnosis can help very much minimize the nausea and side effects while maximizing the effects of the treatment meds, so that the lowest doses can be used and yet show very responsive results. This is another place where hypnosis can be of great service to cancer (and other) medical patients.

I agree that the above script is not making the best of these truly powerful and proven avenues of hypnosis application, and the premise in this script can become psychologically problematic.

If you are going to work with cancer patients, there really is a whole world of listening, care, customization and world-model matching that you should be doing; it's serious business. Scripts aren't a strong way to manage the flexibility and blending with client needs that is really key in these cases.
I have family and friends who have indeed stated that they feel that the "extra" help of hypnosis during their treatments by doctors have made a big difference. I refuse to abandon anyone because they have nothing to lose and much to gain once they realize how powerful their minds can be. Give the individuals more credit than that. Nobody, not even a doctor can offer a certain cure but, together, miracles can happen.
I agree Rich. My father died of cancer 2 years ago, at the age of just 56. I was reluctant at the time to use hypnotherapy to help him. Eventually I tentatively asked him if he wanted any hypnotherapy and he said he did. However he died before I had chance to help him.

My mother has now recently been diagnosed with cancer, at the age of 52, and she has agreed to hypnotherapy. She has been given around a 1 in 20 chance of surviving it so the odds are against her. However we have done research on what foods are best to eat, we are helping her to stay positive and live a calming but purposeful lifestyle, and I am about to start treating her with hypnotherapy. I want to do everything I can, and I think that includes hypnotherapy since I am a hypnotherapist.

AT worst it will make no difference physically, but help her feel relaxed throughout the sessions as she enjoys them, and more optimistic that she has some sort of chance of survival. I really don't see this as a problem.

I think the problem more lies in how it is presented. If I was charging her £200 a session, and claiming that it will definitely cure her, then it is very ethically challenging. However if you are honest about the treatment and charge a fair fee (I'm of course doing it for free) then I cannot see a problem.
Thanks Jon....I worked with my own mom prior to her death and the rewards were tremendous!
Guys, my brother is suffering from bone cancer now, what do you think if I use hypnosis together with Reiki healing? will this method help him? How about the frequency of the hypnosis, would it be better if I do it once a week or what?


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