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Essence of You
(Can be used as an induction following eye closure or a powerful
deepener. It can also be used as a great primer for healing. If you
feel you need any help with how to incorporate healing, just ask.
Read the entire script through before use to ensure client
Now I just want you to think about an idea… just think about a
concept that I am about to relate to you… and see what you think
about it… I wonder what your thoughts will be about this idea… as
it unfolds…
now you exist… I exist… and the world as I know it exists…
now I wonder if you are able to… go with this idea… this
I know you have used many forms of transport before…
everyone… sooner or later has ridden on a train… has traveled in
a motor car… or on a bus or a coach… many people have flown on
airplanes too… some have had… the sense of freedom of a hot air
balloon ride… most people from an early age have ridden a bike or
even a horse… I wonder what you might remember about that
As you know … these are all forms of transport… they all transport
us, our bodies, physically from one place to another… they are
just a means of movement… a means of traveling from one space
to another…
Now, I wonder if you can add the idea of another form of
transport… that I have yet to mention… into all those you have
thought about so far… now apart from a space ship, or a boat of
some kind… apart from a specific animal or new mode of transport
that I haven’t mentioned… there is maybe one form of transport,
that I haven’t touched on yet… can you guess what it is?… it’s the
one form of transport we use the most… and probably rarely think
about… you may…. know what I mean already…
It’s simply your body… that’s right… it is.. your body… the physical
frame and being that you occupy… the bones… the muscles…
tendons, ligaments, organs, blood, arteries and all the other bits of
your physical self…
You see if you separate for a moment… the essence of you from
your physical body… then you could view your body as being just
another means of transport… no different from a car, boat or
plane… your body could be viewed as just another means of
transport for carrying around… the essence of you… you know…
who you really are…
I wonder what it will be like to… think of the essence of you…
without having to think about a physical body….
So in viewing your physical body as just a means of transport…. I
wonder what it will be like for you… what it will feel like … what it
will seem like… if for just a short while you… just floated … just
your essence just detached… leaving behind for a short while…
the physical body… leaving behind any aches, pains, itches and
irritations… and just enjoyed a few moments maybe slightly
you may find yourself as an observer of your physical body…
maybe curious of how your body looks from here… I wonder what
you notice…. of course you can always maintain a small but strong
thread that keeps you attached to you body if you choose to do
so… it’s up to you…. another time you may want to do some
exploring further a field… for the moment though stay close by…
stay in close proximity and just be aware of the experience of just
being … your essence being free of physical attachment… free of
a physical casing.. just being curious… almost like a spectator
noticing … observing…
it can be interesting to… notice new ways of being … and maybe
notice a new way of experiencing… maybe a new way of feeling…
and perceiving too…
And in a moment… I want the essence of you to float back into
your physical body now… so just get ready…. and here we go…
and now just gently and respectfully… return to your physical
body…. just give yourself a few moments to settle back again right
when you are settled back… fully and completely now… just give
me a nod of your head… a nod of your head will indicate to me
and you that you are fully back in your body right now… so just
nod your head when you are back in your body now…
Thank you… well done… and while you have been away… your
body has been busy… maintaining your physical existence…
curing and healing … all while you were gone… it’s a bit like
having a team of home improvement expects that have visited
while you were on holiday… and repaired and replaced many
things that weren’t functioning as they could do… all those odd
jobs have been done for you… even the cleaning has been done…
So you have returned to a place that is still yours… your home
now… yet you can enjoy now a sense of renewal… feeling
refreshed… re-energized…. recharged…. and you may just notice
one thing that you want to adjust… or scratch… or just take a nice
deep breath in… just to stamp your personality… your essence on
your body… it is of course all yours …

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Nice script - found myself drifting of whilst reading this. I really appreciate you posting this.
Thats really a beautiful script. It seems to incorporate a spirituality into it that is just feels good. I feel more relaxed by readin it so Im excited to run it in a session. Thanks once again for another graet post.


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