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(Begin with your favorite induction)

All things are possible in this private, peaceful place. Let’s take a walk out of your sanctuary and into a garden. As you walk through this beautiful garden notice the magnificent flowers along each side. (Pause) You feel more peaceful and comfortable with each step. Feeling so content. This path leads you to further enlightenment. Along this path you easily experience spiritual growth. (Pause)

However, your journey comes to abrupt end when you suddenly see before you a stone rock wall. Approach the wall that barricades your way. (Pause) As you look around on either side of the wall you see that there’s no way around this wall. As you look up at how high the wall is, you realize that you have to go past this wall to progress on your journey. Remaining on this side of the wall limits your personal growth.

Perhaps you can jump over this wall. Move back just a bit and run a few steps, jumping up as high as you can. (Pause) However, you cannot reach the top and you slide back. This time you walk back even further, (Pause) and you run harder and jump toward the top of this wall but you still cannot reach the top. Again, you slide back down the wall. So now you go back many feet and with a running start, you run as hard as you can and jump as high as you can and clinch your fingers on the top of the wall, but soon you start scratching your arms and hurting your elbows as you fall back upon the ground. (Pause)

And suddenly you realize that this wall is a part of yourself that you’ve repressed. It’s a part that you’ve carefully hidden from the world and, perhaps, even from yourself. This wall is a block on your journey through life. It’s a part of yourself that needs to be healed.

But you must move beyond this wall in order to continue to grow and learn about yourself. So, one more time you try to go over this wall. You start back even further and run harder and you jump as high as you can, climbing, grasping at the wall. But you slide down, scratching your face and your hands. You’ve hurt your knees. As you stand up and look at yourself, you realize that to fight this wall will destroy you. So you think "what am I going to do, how am I going to get past this wall, this part of myself that needs to heal?" If it’s important for you to know, take a moment now to understand what part of you is causing this block. What is the emotion or event that has kept you stuck? (Pause 1 minute)

Walk up now and place your hands on the wall. (Pause) You can smell the stones and feel the roughness of the wall. (Pause) You realize again that there’s no way around this wall and no way to go over or under this wall. You have to go through the wall. Ask yourself, what will take you through this wall? (Pause) Only your beliefs will help you now. A belief in yourself that you can do anything. And you can do it. (Pause)

Begin to put one foot into the wall. Feel your foot go into the wall. (Pause) Put one hand into the wall. (Pause) Bring your other foot into the wall and your other hand into the wall. (Pause) You’re now a few inches into the wall. It’s becoming very clear now that you have to get through this block in order to heal. There’s no way around it, no way over it, no way to go under it. (Pause) Take one more step and another step. And soon you realize that the wall is very thick. But you’re standing in it, somewhere in the middle of this wall, breathing easily and effortlessly. Standing in the middle of your block. You may be wondering, "How can I do this, how can I move myself through a wall?"

You do have a choice. You may go back to the other side of the wall or you can continue toward greater freedom and personal growth.

If you decide to continue through this wall, take another step, and another step and as you get almost to the edge of the wall, you have to decide

"Can I continue, can I break through this wall, can I get through this block?" (Pause)

You can do it. Take one more step and push yourself out. Suddenly, you’re standing on the other side of this wall. You see a strange new world before you, a world that you’ve never seen before. A free, open healthy world for you to experience within yourself. Freed forever from your block.

Continue on your path now. Notice how different you feel. As you continue on the path you come to a lake. (Pause) Stop and look at your reflection in the water. See how different you look now. Your thoughts are different, your view of your world has changed. The world around you seems brighter, more clear, the colors are more vibrant, the air even smells fresher. Enjoy this new, improved world within.

Take a few moments now to absorb this transformation. Enjoying the shift within at your deepest level. Absorbing the change in every cell, every thought, and every belief. (Pause)

Accepting all suggestions which are positive and beneficial for you and releasing anything that does not fit into your life at this time.

[For recording:] If you’re in bed and ready to drift into a sound sleep you may turn your recorder off now or ignore the count.


Number one -- Feel the energy flowing back into your arms and legs. Number two -- Every cell in your body functioning perfectly. Number three -- Feeling more and more energized with every number that I count. Number four -- Coming back to full awareness, rested and refreshed. However, sleeping soundly and peacefully tonight at your normal bedtime. And on the next number --- eyes open, -- feeling alert and refreshed, -- take a deep breath and stretch. Number five! -- Eyes open, fully aware and alert, take a deep breath and stretch. Back to full awareness.

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This is great! Thanks for posting this. I truly believe the reason why people don't succeed more often is due to mental barriers!
Great script, great approach to breaking down barriers. I've used this in various forms for more than a year now with lots of clients (weight, smokers, fear), and each one has come away with profound insights. I usually suggest they find themselves in a garden with rich soil for planting their seeds of confidence, success, love, power, etc. ... and suggest they must water their garden daily.

Thank you for this. George Guarino, CH

Check my tweets at: www.twitter.com/georgeguarino


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