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Covert Hypnosis (Well, I tried to get her!) LOL!

Here's a section of an article I wrote on my blog. http://hackthatbrain.blogspot.com

I use covert hypnosis a lot in daily situations. I was really new to covert hypnosis when this event took place but I guess things didn't turn up that ugly. In the article, I have described how I used covert hypnosis (or maybe something like that) to get to know a girl we've all been looking at. :) Here's the article:

******"So, the next day, we were all on the lookout for cute girls (yeah, I know, I know :D). Then suddenly a nice and beautiful girl came out of
the tournament hall and sat along with her friends in the lawn. As
usual, the concert was going on. Since, I was the newest member, I was
given the first attempt.

This time, however, I came prepared. I walked confidently up to the group,
took out a pack of cards and said, "Hey! umm....Are you guys interested
in some magic tricks??" They said 'sure', so, I showed them 2 really
cheap card tricks (and they fell for it!!!). The magic tricks actually
helped me to get their attention. Now that I had their attention (and of
course her attention as well!!), I began building up rapport. I asked
each of them their names and I introduced myself as well. Then, I sat
with the group and shared a few jokes. That increased the rapport and at
the same time, maintained it.

Then, I thought it was time to hunt my prey down. So, I asked her, "Are you
here for the tournament or the trade fair or the concert???" She
replied: "I'm here for the trade fair. But, my cousin is playing the
tournament. So, I decided to pay him a visit as well....." I said: "Ah,
the fair!! It's really popular here. The silk stalls are earning a lot
these days." "Hey!!", she said,"My mom's buying in one of them." "Oh!
Looks like your mom's fond of silk", I replied. She said: "Yup! She is.
She bought many silk saris in the trade fair last year.

Notice how the rapport is getting stronger as the conversation continues. At
this point, I thought that the rapport I had established was good
enough. So, I went in for the kill!!!

I said: "Imagine, what if one day, people from all over the world come to this fair to
buy these beautiful hand-made Assamese products. Imagine people coming
from all over the world, from America,Thailand, New Zealand, Australia
and GOD knows where else!!"

Look at the set of words I've selected, Imagine and what if. These words actually make the listener imagine the narrated situation.
Then I also included the names of some countries, which would supplement
their imagination. They will start imagining about the people of these
countries and also the geographical locations start popping up in the

I noticed that they were imagining and nodding their heads. Then suddenly I interrupted and said: "Hey!! Let's go have some coffee. It's getting a little chilly here."

As I told you earlier, the conscious mind shuts down when a person begins
to imagine. And, the unconscious mind takes over. So, while they were
imagining, their unconscious mind was working. I quickly interrupted
that and gave them the suggestion of having coffee. This way, the
conscious mind didn't get any time to process that suggestion. As a
backup, I also gave them a reason of "getting chilly", so, the conscious
mind won't process it in a different direction as it already has a

So, they all agreed to have coffee. Since I wanted some time alone with Roshni (this of course isn't her real
name!!), I told them: "Roshni and I could bring you guys the coffee."
She agreed as well. I thought it all worked!!!! But, just when we were
about to go and bring the coffee, my dad shouted from behind: "HEY!! It's getting late! Mom will be worried at home. Time to go. Say bye to your friends!!!"

I was utterly terrified by that. I worked so hard for nothing!!!! I finally got some time alone with her and then it's all GONE!!! I was TERRIFIED, HORRIFIED and PETRIFIED!!! But, there was nothing I could do. After all, he is my dad!!! :O

So, I apologized to them for having to leave so soon. Then I bid them goodbye.

But, in the end, I wasn't that much disappointed. I was fairly happy with
myself. I did the induction pretty well. And, plus the next day, I did
take her for coffee, ALONE!!!!
So, I guess it all worked out good!! Maybe I should thank my dad, if he
didn't come so soon that day, I never would have got the chance to take
her out alone!! :D But, I did use these language patterns again. So, I
should thank Covert Hypnosis as well!!! :D"******

The conversation opener wasn't that good. I just needed to get the conversation running. And, the part where I used their imagination to switch off their critical factor wasn't that impressive either. But, I was new back then. Now, I use things like embedded commands and presuppositions a lot. The incident really gave me a good amount of confidence and now, I use covert hypnosis everyday (even though sometimes I feel awkward about saying some of the things I do and I do get a few awkward pauses while I make up the embedded commands :) lol )

So I hoped that was OK!


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Comment by Omar Alexandro on December 18, 2010 at 3:53pm

WWWOOOOOWWWW Sounds wonderful!!!! Is there an advise you have for me like where to start learning covert hypnosis??? I know a few things about it, but still Don't know how to use it. :(



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