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There are times when we eat because we want to feel good rather than because we are physically hungry. However, emotional eating is not limited to bad times - good moods and happy events can also lead to overeating for those of us who eat due to our emotions.

64% of women admitting that emotional eating is a main contributor to their weight problems. Most of us are guilty of mindlessly reaching for food as soon as our emotions start to heat up. 

 When any fundamental physical or emotional need, is not met, we experience stress. The stress we experience when we find life under-stimulating and lacking in challenge ‘boredom’.

Stress – and make no mistake, boredom is a form of stress – makes us resort to repetitive and compulsive behaviours. Stress can make people spend all their time worrying, or thinking obsessive thoughts, and the stress of boredom can make people eat, in order to feel better.

Unfortunately, the kinds of foods that people misuse when they are bored tend to be the foods that pack the biggest, most stimulating punch because of their effect on blood sugar levels. And sadly, those are the very foods that also lay down excess fat on the body. Foods like cake, ice cream, bread, pasta, and chocolate so forth tend to be the "drug of choice" for the boredom. I’ve yet to meet a boredom eater who compulsively munches on salad and apples when feeling under-stimulated by life.

Boredom is a signal that we need to change our environment, our attitude or our behaviour. Responding to the signal of boredom by eating is a bit like patting the cat when we cut ourselves. It might distract us a little, but it does nothing to deal with the core problem. 

But what can we do to stop our food cravings?

Identify Your Feelings & Emotions

Are you stressed, angry, tired or lonely? Identifying emotions and trying to find alternative ways to deal with them can help you regain control over eating habits. If day-to-day things are getting on top of you, find a way to get out of the routine. You can walk in your neighborhood or do any type of physical exercises. It will help increase your energy levels and lift your mood, as well as keeping you healthy.

Before you delve into the chocolate ask yourself:

  • How do I feel at the moment?

  • Do I want this food because I am feeling this way?

  • Is there a healthier foods or lower calorie alternative I could eat instead?

  • How can I deal with the root of my emotions/stress rather than reaching for food?

If your emotional eating is hampering your efforts to lose weight look into healthy eating programs, or make an appointment with your Clinical Hypnotherapist. If you don't have one I will help you to learn to deal with the stress of life without abusing food. You will get my support until your goals are achieved. My program will offer you a new, balanced and healthy lifestyle that will lead you to permanent weight loss.

Thank you,

Alisa Abdullaeva

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