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Let's begin by looking at the effects of somnambulism. When an individual has achieved somnambulism, he or she should be able to display the following:

1. Mental relaxation
2. Post-hypnotic amnesia
3. Local anesthesia (this is not glove anesthesia or analgesia)
4. Eyes open while in deep hypnosis
5. Both positive and negative visual and auditory hallucinations

Keeping these above items in mind, you have ways to gauge your clients depth by having your client produce these effects. Of course we cannot just ask them to produce one or all
of the above effects, we must have them produce these effects through direct
suggestion. However, before we begin this process, we must induce hypnosis and
then begin the deepening process. Personally, I like to use the Dave Elman type
inductions and all any induction does is produce eyelid closure. This is
achieved one of two ways.

1. Fatigue of the eye and eyelid muscles
2. Ask your client to simply close his or her eyes

Once we have eyelid closure, we now must deepen the state that your client is experiencing. I have discovered that the best way to deepen is by layering your deepening
techniques. I have also found that if you are using number counting you will
get better responses by following this simple rules:

1. When deepening a subject or client always count from a small number to a larger number.

Reason: As children in school and learning number values, we learned that 2 was more than 1 and that 10 was more than 1; and this information has been stored in our
brain and is never lost. So when we are ecounting to deepen and using a count
from 10 down to 1, we are actually asking for our subject or client to lessen
his or her depth or hypnotic state.

2. When counting, never count higher than the number 10.

Reason: Our brain processes information much like a computer and only works with multiplication to the tenth factor. You can count from 1 to 10 and have your client deepen
with each count, double his relaxation with each count, triple his relaxation
with each count or even go ten times deeper with each count. Now, in all
actuality, by counting from 1 down to 10 and suggesting that he will go ten
times deeper with each count, you have guided him down 100 times deeper than
where you started. The brain cannot do 13 or 27 or any number beyond 10. But,
by layering the number count you will be able to have your client deepen easily
and profoundly.

To continue with deepening, I also suggest that fractionation be used several times during the deepening process. There are two types of fractionation:

1. Have your client open his eyes on a signal and instantly close his eyes, going even deeper. 2. Have your client open his eyes on a signal and just before he opens them,
immediately tell him to close
them and go even deeper. 3. Have your client open his eyes and stall from eye
closure for a few moments as you ask him questions like; "You are enjoying this
relaxation, aren't you?" "You now ready to go even deeper, aren't
"Relaxation like this is fun, isn't it?" "You feel great now,
don't you?"

Note: When I use any of the above, I usually have my client open his eyes on the count of 3, this is to deepen

his state of relaxation first and the number 3 is the signal for him to open his eyes. Also, by formulating your questions in the manner I have above, will lead him to respond in a positive
manner. Never begin your question to your client with; "Do";
"Does"; "Are"; "Don't"; "How" or anything
that places a negative prior to the actual question or he will acept the
negative immediately and dismiss the positive.

4. Have your client emerge completely from hypnosis then immediately re-induce the state.

Example: Count him all th way up and tell him that on the count of 1 he will come all the way up and be fully alert. Then say abruptly, "Close your eyes and let your body
relax as you go right back to that same state of relaxation you were just
experiencing and even deeper."

5. Have your client emerge completely from hypnosis and wait several moments as you ask him questions like above. Then after he answers a couple of questions (You do this to be sure he
is completely out of state.), then re-induce the state once again and continue
with more deepening techniques.

Okay, now you should be about ready to check for some sort of somnambulistic response. I personal like to have my client display a negative hallucination in state before having him
display the same effect out of state.

Example: "On the count of 3, I will have you open your eyes and you will find that my name is gone, just completely bounced right out of your mind . . . So now 1, 2, 3
eyes open and what did you say my name is?" If he searches and cannot
recall my name, (I don't allow more than 10 seconds to pass then I say)
"Close your eyes and let your body relax, as you go right back to that
same level of relaxation and even deeper." Then I deepen him further and
do the same thing but this time I bring him completely out of state.

Example: "In a few moments, I will count from 5 up to 1 and you will come all the way up and open your eyes and when you open your eyes, you will find that you just won't
be able to recall my name, for it will be gone, completely gone, just bounced
right out of your mind . . . Now 5 gradually, slowly begin coming up . . . 4
coming up more and more . . . 3 almost all the way up . . . 2 your eyes are
beginning to open . . . 1 eyes open all the way up. (As soon as he opens his
eyes I pose a different question first such as, "You feel good don’t
you?" Then if I am sure he has emerged completely I say.) "What did
you say my name is? (If he goes back into search mode and cannot recall my name
I immediately say) Fine, close your eyes and let your body relax.

Note: Whenever the client is not able to recall some bit of information he is instantly in hypnosis because he goes back in to perform the suggestion therefore, since he
is already in hypnosis all you have to say is, "Close your eyes and let
your body relax."

I always start out with something none personal before moving to more personal or something more complicated because by doing it this way, allows him and his Subconscious to
accept what you are asking him to perform. So by creating a little success, you
lead him to performing even greater success with more complicated tasks. Then
you repeat the process the exact same way but, this time you substitute your
name with his name to see if he will let go of something more personal. If he
does that successfully you can then proceed with either having something
disappear like the chair he is sitting on. You will know if this is successful
by the way he responds. The most difficult for someone to perform is complete
amnesia. To set this up you must have him let go of 5 or more bits of personal
information first in hypnosis and then post-hypnotically. Below is some items
that I like to have my clients let go of.

Somnambulism - continued

1. His name
2. His address
3. His telephone number
4. His age or date of birth
5. Whether he has a partner or spouse
6. Whether he has children or not
7. The make of his automobile
8. His place of employment
9. How he arrived at my office

If he can let go of 5 or more personal bits of information, then if you ask him anything else, you will find that he will know nothing at all and you have guided him into profound
somnambulism. I suggest you now set him up to return to this level of
relaxation with the use of a keyword or signal word. Never give back recall
until you have anchored in the keyword. After you set him up to return back to
hypnosis and profound somnambulism, then be sure to give back recall on all
that you had him let go of. Remember, it is somnambulism where local anesthesia
is achieved but, you must first have him achieve complete amnesia for him to be
able to successfully achieve local anesthesia. By going for anesthesia first,
he will never be able to enjoy true local anesthesia.

Local anesthesia is achieved by letting go of his body feelings in a particular area of the body. If he cannot let go of a memory of information, he will not be able to let go
of physical body feelings. Always start out small and proceed further as
success is achieved. Never rush an individual to carry out a suggestion. If you
want your client to display a positive hallucination be sure to describe in detail
exactly what you are asking him to produce. When it comes to hallucinations
that you are working to have your client perform, keep this in mind; You are
the Director of the play and your client is the Actor in that play. You must
give him directions and if you do not give him proper directions he will not be
able to perform well.

Thanks to: ultradepth.com

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Comment by Aisheng Miso on September 11, 2010 at 11:56am
nice article!!! really detailed...i liked it! thanks! ^_^
Comment by Andri Lindbergs on October 14, 2010 at 9:41pm
Thanks for this post on a very important topic in hypnosis.
Comment by Benjamin Jay Wight on November 5, 2010 at 6:11pm
Wonderful advice. Its great to get back on this site and see new and helpful information. :)
Comment by Chet Payne on December 6, 2010 at 1:47pm
Awesome! I will be rereading this post a few times.
Comment by Charmed2be on June 1, 2011 at 7:14pm
Nice post! Glad to see there is some helpful information on this site!
Comment by Gordon Douglas Smith on December 6, 2011 at 5:33pm

Well done. I like this.

Comment by HypnoRich on December 6, 2011 at 6:08pm

Glad it was a help Gordon!

Comment by Gordon Douglas Smith on December 7, 2011 at 2:07am

It was very clear. I like your writing style....it's isn't ambiguous which, given the fact that you use hypnotherapy, well, is nothing short of a miracle. haha. 


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